Every single component of our mechs are sourced and made in the UK!

There’s not many UK brands that can truly say “we are 100% UK”. Every single component has been very carefully thought out and designed. We don’t believe in the “that’ll do” mentality. Even the quality of materials used have been hand picked to offer the very best in performance.

All our mechs are strenuously tested by the Elite Squad members to ensure that you get the very best we have to offer.

At this moment in time we have 3 different designs of tube mechs to offer.

The first is the Summit (21700,18650,18350), an all time classic design, it’s simplistic lines and timeless looks will always be understated yet classy.

Then we have the Vertex (21700,18650,18350), this beautifully designed mech with its slim concave body always feels like it fits perfectly and comfortably in your hand, and is ideal for those with smaller hands.

Last but by no ways least, we have our latest mech, the Altitude! (21700,18350) This is completely different to our other two designs. With its 7 flat sided design the Altitude certainly stands out! With a slightly “art deco” style to it and the 7 sided button, and beautifully engraved hybrid 510, it really does deserve a second look.

Our mini versions of the designs we have above are perfectly suited to a mtl setup, whether you’re using a tank or rda, they really offer a better option than the run of the mill generic pods.

All our mechs comes in a choice of finishes and coatings.

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