Oh no, that was not enough. We wanted to try and create a one stop shop for mech lovers, but we wanted to be sure that anything and everything sold on the website was equalled to the same qualities and standards we set in our mechs.

Everything we sell is used and tested by the Elite Squad for at least a month to ensure they are up to the job and that it does what it’s expected to do.

Our list of accessories continue to expand as we’re always finding worthwhile additions to our range. We can provide you with neoprene pouches that will protect your treasured mech, battery wraps to keep you safe, cotton in both lace form and swaths, build mats to keep your desk clean and unscratched.

Not to mention polishing cloths, mugs, and much more! So why not take a browse through our website. You never know, you may even find something you didn’t even realise you needed!

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