21700 Altitude

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Apex Mod Co are extremely proud to present our third series of mechanical mods; the Altitude 21700 – a 28mm, UK manufactured constant contact mechanical mod which utilises 21700 batteries.

From £225.95

Main features:

  • UK designed and manufactured
  • 21700 mechanical mod
  • Constant contact switch
  • Copper contacts
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Ergonomic rounded heptagon shape
  • 28mm diameter at it’s widest point
  • 2 points of venting
  • Lighter than 21700 Vertex and Summit models
  • Solid brass construction
  • Custom packaging and individually serialised dog tags included
  • Free pair of Wiggz Wirez 0.1ohm Fused Claptons

Unlike our first two designs (the Summit and Vertex) which take a sleek, minimalistic approach, we wanted to create an eye-catching mod that is still practical and comfortable to hold. The Altitude 21700 utilises a unique heptagon body with rounded corners for an ergonomic shape that sits beautifully in the hand. The heptagon shape transitions smoothly into a 28mm flange at either end, offering perfect grip to the switch housing and finishes to a circle so that 28mm RDA’s sit flush on top. The semi-circular grooves in the flanges at the top and bottom of the body complete the stunning look.

As with our previous models, the Altitude 21700 boasts the simple but high-performance constant contact switch which we have become known for. The Apex switch was the first constant contact button assembly to be made in the UK. To match the overall look of this spectacular mechanical mod, we have opted to tweek the switch assembly to accommodate a brand new heptagon shaped button inside a rounded switch housing, although all previous Apex 28mm switch housings are compatible with the Altitude 21700. All Apex Mod Co devices come with a spring and copper contacts as standard. As usual, our switches have an adjustable delrin ring to accommodate fluctuations in battery length and so that a very short throw can be achieved.

We believe in supporting UK companies and like to take a hands-on approach by physically visiting our manufacturing facilities, so all of our hardware is designed and produced within the UK. We do not, have not and will not outsource production of our mods to China.

For the first batch of Altitude mods, we decided to offer a 21700 model, as we believe the 21700 batteries to offer the best balance of performance, longevity and size. The Altitude 21700 is 28mm in diameter at it’s widest point and is XXXmm long including the switch housing.

Weighing in at XXX grams, the Altitude 21700 is lighter than the 21700 models of the Summit and Vertex, due to the shape, but retains their sturdy, reliable build quality.

As with all of our mods, we use a hybrid 510 connection to minimise voltage drop between the battery and atomiser. This time we’ve added an extra bit of Apex magic with a sleek engraving around the 510 connection.

In the interest of safety, the Altitude 21700 has 2 points of venting – one through the body and one through the switch housing.

Every one of these beautiful mods will arrive in custom Apex packaging and will include a set of individually serialised dog tags. All pre-orders ship with a complimentary pair of 0.1ohm fused clapton coils from Wiggz Wirez.

Initially only 50 of these exquisite powerhouses will be made – 30 in all brass plus 10 of each limited editions with black or white bodies.

We truly believe this is our greatest creation to date and hope you enjoy using this product as much as we enjoyed working on it. Many thanks for your support and for choosing Apex Mod Co. Welcome to the family.


These mechanical devices are NOT to be used by inexperienced vapers. To ensure your safety, before purchasing you MUST have a good understanding of how a mechanical mod works and a good knowledge of ohms law and battery safety. If not used properly, mechanical devices can cause serious harm. Not all atomisers are compatible with our devices.

Apex Mod Co accepts no responsibility for the misuse of this product.

Weight 0.176 kg

Brass, White


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