18350 Mini Summit

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Introducing the new “18350 MINI SUMMIT“ from Apex mod co our first 18350 mech to hit the vape scene.

From £115.95

These clean & sleek looking designed beasts are made in very limited numbers and are 100% British sourced and made. Not only are they comfy in your hand there is outstanding performance to match there looks. Each mech has been laser etched with our unique logo along with a serial number on the button.


These mechs are not to be used by inexperienced Vaper’s, you need a very good understanding of how the mech works and good knowledge of “ohms law” and “battery safety “ We hold no liability to any misuse of this device. If not used properly they can cause some serious harm.


  • Not for beginners
  • Cloud competition sports device
  • Nicotine not advised
  • 24mm diameter x 64mm height
  • Top and bottom venting
  • x2 copper contacts
  • Delrin battery adjustment
  • Sprung switch
  • Short throw
  • Permanent battery connection
  • Laser etched button and tube
  • Designed by Vaper’s for Vaper’s

These mechanical devices are NOT to be used by inexperienced vapers. To ensure your safety, before purchasing you MUST have a good understanding of how a mechanical mod works and a good knowledge of ohms law and battery safety. If not used properly, mechanical devices can cause serious harm. Not all atomisers are compatible with our devices.

Apex Mod Co accepts no responsibility for the misuse of this product.


Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel


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